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HELLBATS : Skateboard


50.00 / On Sale

You can order the deck all alone or the complete skateboard fitted with everything to fulfill your desires : You pick your KICKING GEAR board, then we add the IRON trucks, the KICKING GEAR wheels, some JESSUP griptape, JART bolts and bearings, and here is your complete skateboard for 100€ only!

What's in the KICKING PACK?

- 1 HELLBATS KICKING GEAR Board, size of your choice
- 2 IRON Trucks by JART
- 4 KICKING GEAR Wheels by JART, diameter 53 mm
- 1 layer of JESSUP Grip Tape, 1 meter long
- 8 Abec 5 JART Bearings
- 1 complete set of JART Bolts

Now it's time for thrashing!